Safe pools are happy pools! At Heartland Pools we strive to educate the customer on safe pool practices and equipment that can enhance the safety of your pool. Fencing, enclosures, “svrs” safety vacuum release systems, alarms, and many other items.

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There are several different types of Chlorinators on the market and we suggest that you have one to help maintain chlorine levels in your pool for sanitization.

  • Tab Feeders – these are very popular and easy to use. They slowly dispense chlorine via 3” tablets that are placed in a water tight cylinder. Tab feeders are the most cost effective way to add a chlorinator to your system.
  • Salt Generators – these come in many different sizes and degrees of automation. Salt generators use salt that is placed in the pool and as it runs through the pump system and the generator small electrified platelets create hypochlorous acid that sanitizes the pool. Salt generators create a softer feeling water but are more expensive on initial cost and replacement.


Filter systems vary even more so in types and sizes depending on the size of your pool.

  • Sand Filters – filter 20-25 microns and do not have to be cleaned as often as other types of filters but the sand does need to be replaced every few years. Cost vary from size of pool and volume of water of the pool.
  • Cartridge Filters – filter 5-10 microns but need to be cleaned more often as they filter the water to a much smaller particle and do need to be replaced every year or so. Cost also range from $250 – $500 depending on size of system.
  • DE Filters – filter 4-8 microns but need to have DE powder added to them each time they are cleaned to assist in the filtering system and will have a cartridge that needs to be replaced every few years depending on use. Cost is in the same range as sand and cartridge filter.


Pool Pumps are the center of your pools water flow and what drives everything from basic water flow and filtration to all your water features and are run by various size motors depending on volume of pool and number of features you have on a pool or spa. Some pools may even have multiple pumps.

  • Standard pool pumps – are used for water flow and filtration, range in sizes from ¾ to 1.5 HP and are the most cost effective for the initial purchase.
  • Variable Speed (VS) pumps – offer a quitter and more cost efficient pump as you can set the pumps to operate at different speeds throughout the day to reduce cost. There are many different versions of these so give us a call to discuss your options.
  • Variable Speed w/ Safety Vacuum Release System (VS/SVRS) – These pumps come with a safety feature that if anything would be trapped on the drain the pump will shut off. They are also very energy efficient. Higher in cost than most pumps the Pentair VS/SVRS claims to save customers $500-$1000 a year in energy savings along with the added safety feature.


So you want to heat your spa or pool. There are several options here as well and they vary depending on your expectation of how hot you want the water and what you want to pay each month to use it.

Gas Heaters – They use a lot of propane or natural gas to heat a pool due to the large amount of water but are great for spas. They will heat a spa quickly but do cost more to operate.

Electric Heat Pumps – More cost effective but less powerful, if you live in a warm climate and want to extend your pool experience a couple of months this may be for you. For spas they work well but will take longer to warm up on initial startup.

Solar Heaters – The most inexpensive of your options to operate and the most environmentally friendly but can be costly to install and can be less attractive for the home.

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